Sliding Sash

Modern Style

Cords & Weights

The high quality Cords & Weights sash window utilises pulleys and weights as the lift system, mainly used when build circumstances dictate or when conservation requirements are a consideration. Ensuring the character and charm of the building is maintained whilst incorporating premier modern technologies, security and performance.

Cords & Weights timber sash windows offer:
- Much larger size options (up to 3000mm in height and 1350mm in width)
- An optional easy clean facility
- Internal access to weights for maintenance
- A scallop in the facing of the jamb which
further ensures effective water drainage from
the cill

The bespoke Cords & Weights wooden window incorporates a heavyweight nylon cord on self lubricating pully wheels.

Spiral Balance

The Spiral Balance sliding sash window or tensioned spring provides the mechanism of lift to the system. Predominantly used in new build construction, it provides a cost effective solution to this style whilst retaining all the unique features of a high specification, bespoke sash window.

Spiral Balance timber sash windows offer:
- Adjustable balances
- Balances available in white/brown/cream/black
- 56mm jamb section
- A scallop in the facing of the jamb which further ensures effective water drainage from the cill


Classic Style

Cords & Weights

The Traditional Range Sliding Sash Cords & Weights window is the perfect representation of a traditional, high quality sliding sash window.


Spiral Balance

The Traditional Sliding Sash Spiral Balance window incorporates all the traditional box sash features yet utilises a modern method of operation; the tension spring. Suitable for conservation areas, the Traditional Range Sliding Sash has the same high specification design features as the Contemporary Range with the following added unique features:


Exclusive Traditional Range Features:
- Sash locking available when internal horns are present
- Special horn detail
- Ovolo mouldings on sash and frame (internal)
- External putty bead design
- Angel Ventlock ™
- Hidden screws on spiral balances
- Special meeting rail design

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