Roof Trusses/Joists

Roof Trusses

Frazer Simpson is committed to meeting customer needs, whatever the requirement. We can arrange working drawings for various types of roof structure, from a self-build garage to multi-house developments. We can provide Roof Trusses, Joists, Attic Trusses, and Glulam Timber and Feature Trusses. The production plants use high quality, tried and tested machinery to ensure high levels of accuracy and reliability, aided by an ISO9001 Quality Assurance scheme controlled by TRADA. Timber sustainability is confirmed by PEFC Chain Of Custody Certification.

Attic Trusses

Attic Trusses are effective in creating more room in roof spaces economically. Whilst they are manufactured in a similar fashion to standard trusses, the lack of full triangulation often results in bigger timber sections.


We can provide high specification, state of the art joist systems involving a combination of light timber and tough steel web, enabling greater distances to be bridged, in turn allowing more choice for designers.

For more information on trusses and joists please contact Jack Richards on 07837984427.

Examples of Truss Profiles