Composite, Timber, Aluminium, Fire Safety & Bi-Fold Doors.


We offer a stimulating range of carefully selected high quality external doors. Our diverse styles compliment a broad spectrum of properties from new build to renovation projects. We supply a selection of standard sizes and undertake bespoke manufacturing in Composite, Timber, Aluminium and Fire Safety Doors.


We have an established  reputation for working with interior designers, premium property developers and individual clients creating bespoke doors to specific design requirements. Our portfolio of work includes large luxury houses, multi-unit developments and renovations. 



We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we can deliver to the highest standard every time. Our suppliers ensure that all materials within the construction are sourced responsibly from renewable sources for minimum impact to the environment.

Composite Doors

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Composite doors are made from a combination of materials including uPVC, timber, and laminated door skin. Door are built with a highly weatherproof and durable acrylic layer. The materials that make up a composite door are combined in ultra-modern computer-controlled production facilities and bonded under high pressure conditions. This results in an external door that will outperform other styles, such as the uPVC door.

Composite doors are designed to appear like a traditional wooden door.  Due to the materials used, they more durable, weather resistant and thermally efficient. Composite doors have an outer frame, subframe and a solid timber core, delivering  premium quality standards.


Composite doors are a perfect modern solution. When compared with uPVC or wooden doors, a composite door is designed to counter the flaws of traditional door styles.

Composite Doors
Painted solid timber door

Timber Doors

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We supply external timber doors in a range of styles that are suitable for any type of residential development or refurbishing project. 

Thanks to the versatility of timber, almost any design can be achieved. Classic in style yet varied in finish, a beautiful timber door will create a stunning finishing touch. 

We can produce external doors with glass, including stained, bevelled and leadlight.


Alternatively, we can create solid timber entrance doors for a secure entry that provides maximum privacy. 

Aluminium Doors

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Aluminium offers the best value for your money in the long run, thanks to its much longer life and better energy performance.

When it comes to home design, aluminium is the symbolic material of contemporary architecture. It can be easily powder-coated for different looks and finishes. No matter what the shape or dimension of your doors and windows, it can be tailored to the most challenging specifications.

Thanks to its robustness, aluminium is ideally suited to the construction of large doors and sliding windows.

Exterior Fire Doors

Fire Doors

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Our Dual Certificated Fire and Security Doors have been designed and manufactured with Best Practice in mind. With dual or single certification options, timber core and GRP facings, this is a specification that provides extra peace of mind for building owners, landlords, residents and contractors. These doors have been designed to be the product of choice for those who want to update their existing buildings or specify new developments.


Even though it is not a requirement for timber fire doors, the fire doors have been furnace tested from both directions in order to provide additional assurances to the building owners and occupants. Certisecure, a scheme recognised by Secured by Design, has been used to accredit the security performance.

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Bi-Fold, Sliding, Hinged & French Doors

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Folding sliding doors help you to create an open, flexible and modern space for both living and working environments. Choose your exact requirements for your folding sliding doors to create beautiful panoramic views and a relaxed open ambient living environment. Doors can be manufactured to replace entire walls to maximise your opening space. Different levels of security can be achieved up to EN V 1627 Class 2.

  • Panels can be used in any configuration, style and design.

  • Bi-fold, Sliding, Hinged & French Doors

  • Configurations are available in both open-in & open-out options.

  • Full range of suited hardware available

  • Glazing sizing range of 28mm – 44mm

  • Available in any single RAL colour or dual colour option.

Bi-Fold Doors