Canopies, Dormers and Brick Effect Chimneys

Built in a factory-controlled environment all products come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty.

Our design team work with you to establish fully approved drawings prior to manufacture.

Our offsite manufactured products allow construction sites to control build times more accurately and efficiently.

Agreed costs at quotation stage and a modern method of construction allows for tighter control over your project.

GRP Canopies

Supply only

We offer entrance canopies and porch canopies for doors and bay window roofs. GRP canopies are available in a range of sizes and are delivered as complete units including all fixings and installation instructions. Installing a GRP entrance canopy is a stylish and cost-effective feature for both refurbishment and new-build projects.

All our canopies come with the options of Kneelers or Gallows Brackets, just let us know which best suits your build and we would be happy to accommodate. We can also provide a Canopy Fixing Kit should it be required.


GRP Dormers

Supply only

GRP has fast become one of the most popular methods of manufacture for Dormers. Our GRP dormer window surrounds have been designed to meet with modern day requirements of offsite fabrication. We will liaise with the site to ensure accurate call off times & Just in Time deliveries to reduce site stocking and waste.

GRP dormer windows can easily be fixed to roof trusses prior to roof covering. The advantages of using GRP Dormers other than conventional building methods is mainly time saved when installing the GRP units. This allows you to close off open roof spaces quickly.

GRP Brick Effect Chimneys

Supply only

We offer a range of GRP Brick and Rendered effect chimneys to provide a lightweight, cost effective and simple way to add a chimney to a new or existing property.

GRP chimneys are manufactured utilising the latest GRP technology to provide a product that is both stunning in it’s visual appearance and accuracy for replicating brick types. All brick colours and textures can be replicated and samples of the actual brick are taken from site or pre ordered to ensure an exact match.

GRP Chimney.jpg